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Phillip Hyatt (Ojah) was born in the parish of Clarendon in a small community by the name of Halse Hall by mother Curleana Dean and Phillip Hyatt (senior) on February 13, 1986. Ojah is a Jamaican cultural reggae artist that was exposed to music at a young age by his father, who himself was an aspiring musician.

His talent was recognized early on by teachers and members of the musical society. As a boy scout, he was asked to lead in songs and events. At the age of 9, Ojah was asked to perform, as a special guest, for the church’s gospel concert.


After which, he went on to represent the church at various events. This led him to meet a talented singer-songwriter and musician called Theodore Bradshaw who took Ojah under his wings.

Theodore Bradshaw wrote songs for him and brought him to various auditions across the island. This led Ojah to become a two times finalist at the Tastee Talent contest. During these times, he met Basil ‘Bagga’ Brown who invited him to participate in the Reggae Trail Talent Search Competition.


Ojah won the championship for St. Thomas in 1999.

During the period of 1999 – 2000, Ojah met Jeanette Brown who was a member of the Women’s Movement in Clarendon. She saw Ojah perform at a gospel concert and asked him to join the Hayes Cultural Club. From this meeting, Ojah entered the JCDC Festival Competition, in which he brought home the bronze medal in 2000 and gold in 2001 and 2002. Ojah also won the Portmore Talent Search Competition.

Ojah has made connections with several artists. A few years ago, at the Big Stone Promotion Competition he met Luciano, with whom, he now regularly attend shows.

Several of Ojah’s songs have achieved regular airplay on the radio, such as World Crisis, Street Children and Prayer for the Haitians. These songs were produced by legendary artists Dean Fraser, Dezi Jones (Drums), Aeion "Yaaka" Hoilett (Bass C Sharp), Robbie Lyn (Keyboard) and Dwight Richards (Horn). His song Prayer for the Haitians, made by Amlock, was inspired by the devastation earthquake in Haiti in 2013.

As it is his passion, Ojah is currently doing music on a professional level, under the production of CanJam Muzik which is a Canadian based enterprise.

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